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July 24, 2006

We Got Pictures on our Blog!!!! Whooopeeee!!!!!

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Because I am such a geek, (and I did this for my own site), as you can see on the right we have pictures! Yep, the ones that I took today. There is a way that we can all share the pictures with each other also, for I’m sure, that some of you took some fantastic shots that you would like to share with the rest of us! So here’s the deal, go to and sign in, our user name is southerncalanusarayogateachers, (long, but if you can believe it scayt was already taken) and the password is the name of the monkey that Ross has in his beautiful studio. Please feel free to upload photos that you have of the kula, and would like to share in a very easy way! The use of the site is free and we have a set limit of memory that we can use a month, but I’m sure we won’t be using it sooooooo much. Now if you want to refer friends or family to check out the pics this is the address to give them, and it will take them straight to the pics. Flickr is a great site for photos and all, it lets you do all kinds of things that I haven’t even had the time to check out. You can post pics all kinds of ways and they are making it better all the time. Think about it, for those of you who are moving away, or going on vacation, you can share your pictures and the most recent ones that are uploaded to the site will show up on our blog! Also it’s a great way to share the pics without having to send an email to everyone, you can just upload them an tell whoever you like to go to check out webpage posted above! Right now the pictures are all public, but you can by going into the site, mark them as private if you don’t want everyone to see them. You can also write descriptions for the pictures and people can make comments on the pictures which is kinda fun, although I’ve never done it myself. I hope y’all have fun checking it out! I had a great time today!!!! And thank you Lyndee for being such a great hostess!!!!! 🙂


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